Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Every year we go to the Utah Ren Fest for Mother's Day.
It's just what we do.
Or did.

While I was busy being a heaping pile of depression, Denny found a festival here in Texas.

We went this past weekend to celebrate my birthday.
It is freaking HUGE!
If you have not gone, you are missing out.

 The cousins and Emilyn (adopted family) even joined us.
Enjoy a handful of pictures, taken with my new camera.

Mya did not want to share her stroller.
 photo DSC_7785_zps9dac2d1a.jpg

Tasha making fun of Jared.

 photo DSC_7788_zps58587f14.jpg

Sophie's fancy flower face paint.

 photo DSC_7793_zps9a2dda36.jpg

Games galore!
Mya smashing the frog catapult.

 photo DSC_7796_zpscaeaca6a.jpg

The girls went fishing for duckies.

 photo DSC_7799_zps95bd8e96.jpg

Shooting things!

 photo DSC_7807_zpscbe840d1.jpg

 photo DSC_7814_zps46e4a3ca.jpg

Emilyn (the adopted family).
This is the girl who is plastered all over my facebook with pictures of my kids.
We love her.

 photo DSC_7820_zpsad2494f8.jpg

The girls filled necklaces with fairy dust.

 photo DSC_7825_zps302be523.jpg

They even rode a pirate ship.

 photo DSC_7829_zps60de44c7.jpg

 photo DSC_7830_zpse341171f.jpg

Emilyn helped carry my camera whenever Finn was sick of the stroller.

 photo DSC_7834_zpsc13f1e47.jpg

I took the girls into the petting zoo.

 photo DSC_7858_zps7e0bce95.jpg

 photo DSC_7863_zps68acb435.jpg

Mya caught a baby chicken and snuggled the crap out of it.
It fell asleep in her lap.
Just more proof that I NEED chickens.

 photo DSC_7868_zps94fc1e1e.jpg

The adults grabbed some snacks before heading home.
Finn enjoyed some as well.

 photo DSC_7870_zps6e209dbf.jpg

 photo DSC_7873_zps8d0b31c6.jpg

Jared stuffing his face with a turkey leg.

 photo DSC_7877_zpsc23ef996.jpg

It was oodles of fun.
We were there ALL day and didn't even see all of it.
I can't wait to go back next year. :)

Also, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!
I had a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Garden

Sophie has always had the sweetest personality.
She is always thinking of others.
She shares everything.
She gives without thought.
She is an amazing person.

After I had Mya, I struggled with postpartum depression.
Sophie would hug me and remind me to take my pill, so that I could be happy.
She was 3.

When Finn was born, it was even worse.
I remember one time I was laying face down on my bed.
Overwhelmed by the world, I silently begged for the ground to open and swallow me up.
My face was wet with tears.
My body was completely exhausted.
The idea of surviving another day was almost too much to stomach.

Sophie came quietly into the room, and stood there for a moment. 
When I didn't respond, she moved closer.
Covering me with the quilt, she leaned down and kissed my head.
I wanted desperately to find the will to tell her that I was ok, but I couldn't.
I just laid there.
She whispered in my ear, "It's ok, Mom. I know it is hard for you sometimes."
After stroking my hair a few times, she left the room.

Her compassion is endless.
I am over the moon that I get to raise a girl with such a beautiful soul.
She will be even more incredible when she is grown.

A few weeks ago, Sophie drew this picture for me.
Her face beamed when she proudly handed it to me.
"This is for you, because I know you miss our garden."

I do.
I so desperately miss my house, my yard, my giant windows, but most of all...
my garden.
Now, thanks to Sophie, I have a beautiful garden to look at every day.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I like to think of myself as a strong person.
I can accomplish many things with determination and time.
 Many, but not all.

Once the idea of hurling myself off an overpass stared to look like an appealing option, I had to reevaluate.
Choosing the lesser of two evils, I've started Zoloft again.

Why is this any of your business?
It really isn't.

I believe that mental health is something that needs more attention in our society.
While not everyone is blessed (sarcasm) with a lifelong condition like my bipolar disorder, everyone struggles now and again.
Happy people can get depressed.
Such is life.

I'm bipolar.
And I'm cool with that.

I'm still a fantastic mother.
I'm still a bangin' hot wife.
I'm still a crafty overachiever.

Let's be honest, crazy people are always more fun anyway.

Now enjoy some pictures of my beautiful children!

 photo DSC_7649_zps6f3925bb.jpg

 photo DSC_7645_zps914eed33.jpg

 photo DSC_7571_zps009ec207.jpg

 photo DSC_7591_zpse2fd46bf.jpg

 photo DSC_7632_zpse1c7faa9.jpg

 photo DSC_7631_zps63f162d3.jpg

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sophie is 6!

Holy cow do I feel old.
My little girl is 6!

 photo sophie_zpsc7160d01.jpg

We no longer live in the snow-covered state, so we got to celebrate outside!
It was awesome.

We did treats and gifts at the park.
For her treat, Sophie picked oatmeal raisin cookies.

 photo DSC_7501_zpsa112ca10.jpg

 photo DSC_7502_zps47e41670.jpg

 photo DSC_7503_zps46ce7aa3.jpg

We got her a bow and arrow set.

 photo DSC_7504_zps7a1e25f8.jpg

And a dart gun.

 photo DSC_7505_zps97ad00c1.jpg

A little nightlight bug thing, and some silly string.

 photo DSC_7507_zpsa728a62e.jpg

 photo DSC_7509_zpsad310288.jpg

I didn't get oodles of pictures because my plans were ruined by my lack of directional awareness.
We quickly did gifts then shot off to the movies.
Sophie wanted to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.

She has since been shooting everyone with her gifts.
I was woken up with an arrow to the face this morning.

Worth it.

Mya is 3!

At some point this year, my toddler grew into a full blown child.
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that.

 photo mya_zpsd0d25619.jpg

We celebrated Mya's 3rd birthday at CiCis.

 photo DSC_7425_zps9001d511.jpg

Her favorite babysitters came.

 photo DSC_7427_zps5a20a48b.jpg

 photo DSC_7477_zpse1172f13.jpg

And her favorite cousins.

 photo DSC_7476_zps2ef47c93.jpg

Everyone enjoyed pizza.

 photo DSC_7424_zps5b4effcf.jpg

 photo DSC_7430_zps521d9e53.jpg

 photo DSC_7433_zpsac3ea0a5.jpg

 photo DSC_7443_zpsd9ceed2c.jpg

 photo DSC_7469_zps77c7cd8e.jpg

We sang to the birthday girl.

 photo DSC_7457_zps47efbcd5.jpg

 photo DSC_7458_zps0f6291e2.jpg

Yummy chocolate cupcakes!

 photo DSC_7474_zps83046fa0.jpg

 photo DSC_7472_zps41bdaa85.jpg


 photo DSC_7482_zps163aae86.jpg

 photo DSC_7490_zps8bebeabe.jpg

 photo DSC_7494_zps998e1458.jpg

A very happy birthday indeed.

 photo DSC_7497_zpsbe67c46f.jpg