Friday, June 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I've been rather busy this past month, and never got the chance to put these pictures up.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day.
We shared lots of love, laughs, and happy moments.

My brother and his family joined us for an afternoon at the park.
 Enjoy the random assortment of pictures.

 photo DSC_8019_zps73fc4a31.jpg

My love.
 photo DSC_8027_zpsa97227fe.jpg

Yes, yes those are legwarmers around her ankles.
 photo DSC_8022_zpsd92eafd6.jpg

Off to the bridge to explore the water.
 photo DSC_8041_zpsc0d9e889.jpg

 photo DSC_8088_zpsed7aab20.jpg

By the way, he is totally walking.
 photo DSC_8024_zps05f5a250.jpg

Allie was blocking anyone from going up the stairs.
 photo DSC_8056_zps928563c8.jpg

 photo DSC_8028_zpsbabc6720.jpg

Apparently only Jared was allowed up.
 photo DSC_8058_zpse0160716.jpg

Just hanging out with dad,
 photo DSC_8059_zpscb8e3a63.jpg

and enjoying ice cream from the paleta man.
 photo DSC_8053_zps5153aac0.jpg

Searching for turtles in the water.
 photo DSC_8067_zps9c25d35a.jpg

Found one.
 photo DSC_8069_zpsacc1e4c3.jpg

 photo DSC_8050_zps12344b3a.jpg

Love of my life.
 photo DSC_8070_zps14f511e5.jpg

Rock climbing.
 photo DSC_8076_zps47034302.jpg

More rock climbing.
 photo DSC_8074_zps6fc2987b.jpg

Little monkeys.
 photo DSC_8080_zpse5c6383e.jpg

 photo DSC_8077_zpsa98e96bf.jpg

Hardcore swinging.
 photo DSC_8086_zpsd873b58a.jpg

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


If you are my friend on Facebook, then you saw the kids in their Easter outfits.
So much cuteness.
I didn't bother with "fancy" photos, because church ends at noon.
By that point we are all starving and starting to get grumpy.

  photo DSC_8005_zpsc10badd0.jpg

So here are egg hunt pictures instead!

Tasha and I tried to contain the children while Jared and Denny hid all 120+ eggs.
Isn't she the prettiest pregnant lady?

 photo DSC_7962_zps4da97a5b.jpg

Finn wore his festive Easter diaper.

 photo DSC_7955_zps5814142b.jpg

Once the men finished, we released the children.
They instantly scattered with their little buckets in tow.

 photo DSC_7970_zpse38c8ba8.jpg

 photo Simple-Pop_zpsbba0eb1c.jpg

 photo DSC_7967_zps51fbfc02.jpg

 photo DSC_7978_zps2ca218e4.jpg

 photo DSC_7985_zps99989b40.jpg

The adults gave assistance when needed, but mostly just stood around watching.

 photo DSC_7973_zps2024f749.jpg

And then there is Jared...

 photo DSC_7982_zpscd940e76.jpg

Their buckets were filled and everyone was happy!
All the girls had to check to see what goodies the eggs held.

 photo DSC_7988_zps6026d754.jpg

 photo DSC_7993_zps7b0ec833.jpg

 photo DSC_7991_zps2421a540.jpg

So. Much. Candy.

 photo DSC_8000_zps35684c4a.jpg

 photo DSC_8001_zpsd16f46e4.jpg

 photo DSC_8002_zps3c8dbc05.jpg

 photo DSC_8003_zps20c2c28b.jpg

I dragged Denny outside to make sure I was "documented" in the family memories.

 photo DSC_8008_zps109410e3.jpg

I also wanted to get a picture of Denny.
Finn was not cooperative.

 photo DSC_8012_zpsbe5010c1.jpg

We had lots of fun.
I hope everyone else had a lovely Easter as well.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Every year we go to the Utah Ren Fest for Mother's Day.
It's just what we do.
Or did.

While I was busy being a heaping pile of depression, Denny found a festival here in Texas.

We went this past weekend to celebrate my birthday.
It is freaking HUGE!
If you have not gone, you are missing out.

 The cousins and Emilyn (adopted family) even joined us.
Enjoy a handful of pictures, taken with my new camera.

Mya did not want to share her stroller.
 photo DSC_7785_zps9dac2d1a.jpg

Tasha making fun of Jared.

 photo DSC_7788_zps58587f14.jpg

Sophie's fancy flower face paint.

 photo DSC_7793_zps9a2dda36.jpg

Games galore!
Mya smashing the frog catapult.

 photo DSC_7796_zpscaeaca6a.jpg

The girls went fishing for duckies.

 photo DSC_7799_zps95bd8e96.jpg

Shooting things!

 photo DSC_7807_zpscbe840d1.jpg

 photo DSC_7814_zps46e4a3ca.jpg

Emilyn (the adopted family).
This is the girl who is plastered all over my facebook with pictures of my kids.
We love her.

 photo DSC_7820_zpsad2494f8.jpg

The girls filled necklaces with fairy dust.

 photo DSC_7825_zps302be523.jpg

They even rode a pirate ship.

 photo DSC_7829_zps60de44c7.jpg

 photo DSC_7830_zpse341171f.jpg

Emilyn helped carry my camera whenever Finn was sick of the stroller.

 photo DSC_7834_zpsc13f1e47.jpg

I took the girls into the petting zoo.

 photo DSC_7858_zps7e0bce95.jpg

 photo DSC_7863_zps68acb435.jpg

Mya caught a baby chicken and snuggled the crap out of it.
It fell asleep in her lap.
Just more proof that I NEED chickens.

 photo DSC_7868_zps94fc1e1e.jpg

The adults grabbed some snacks before heading home.
Finn enjoyed some as well.

 photo DSC_7870_zps6e209dbf.jpg

 photo DSC_7873_zps8d0b31c6.jpg

Jared stuffing his face with a turkey leg.

 photo DSC_7877_zpsc23ef996.jpg

It was oodles of fun.
We were there ALL day and didn't even see all of it.
I can't wait to go back next year. :)

Also, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!
I had a lovely weekend!